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Our Sires and Dams


Name Origin: Brother Bear character because he looked like a teddy bear as a puppy.

Breed: ½ English crème and ½ American Golden Retriever and registered through the AKC.  My dad was all white and my mom was really dark red so my babies are always beautiful shades of Golden ranging from white to dark.

Look: I have a long fluffy coat and blocky head. I have had my testing done on hips and elbows., which I passed. 

Personality: I’m the man of the house. Well, at least that’s what they tell me. I’m actually momma’s boy and she say’s I’m a big baby.  I love to cuddle and no matter what they tell you….I AM a lap dog. I am the happiest when I am right next to my mommies feet and I love to be petted and loved on. I have proven that I know my manners and am a perfect gentleman in public settings. 

Training: I was Suvana’s 4H dog in high school and showed in Obedience, Rally O, and Showmanship.  I earned a lot of awards but the best one was the overall Grand Champion at the 4H fair more than once!  I also have received the Therapy Dog International (TDI)  test and the Canine Good Citizen Award. I passed both with flying colors. 

What I do for fun:  Look forward to visiting schools and nursing homes and spreading my love around.  I am so excited I will get to be petted all day – I can’t wait! 

Thanks for reading my bio.  I will keep updating on the new adventure of therapy work and be sure to check out our facebook page listed on the homepage for updates. 



Name Origin: I was brought home in a snow storm and I am stark white, so they decided to name me after a Disney Queen, Elsa!

Breed: Full English Creme Golden Retriever. I have my testing done for hips and elbows

Puppy Expectation: I am full English crème so my babies are usually very light to almost white. We hear back from our families often and they go on  and on about how much they love my babies and how wonderful  family pets they are.   They are also so smart!  They always brag about how well they do in puppy classes and one of my boys is even a champion duck hunter.   You can take my puppies in any direction from therapy work to obedience. 

Personality: I am so calm and cuddly.  But when I go outside – look out! I love to run and I’m really fast. I also love to play wrestle with my sisters. We have so much fun outside but when I come in the house I know my manners.


Training: I have passed my CGC (Canine Good Citizen) through the AKC. I am very versatile and can live with cats and other dogs. I work well in a apartment setting and as an outside dog. 

What I do for fun: I recently got to spend a semester at college with Suvana and I did great transitioning to  apartment living.  Mommy was worried about me but Suvana and I had a great semester. I got to meet lots of friends and even lived with a CAT!  Wow that was something new for me but we ended up being best friends. Suvana took me to the dog park, but I’ll be honest here.  I like people better than dogs unless they are my family. The dog park seemed silly to me and I just preferred to sit with Suvana and watch all of them run around like crazy dogs. I truly love long naps and cuddles with Suvana. Thats the perfect day for me

Expecting this summer!!!




Name Origin: I am named after Queen Charlotte because I'm of my english cream coat and my imperial personality but you can call be Charlie for short :) 

Breed: I am a full English Crème and come from excellent blood lines.

Puppy Expectation: I have beautiful tail feathers and I get fluffy in the winter but have more of a smooth coat in the summer months. I have been tested on Hips, elbows, eyes and heart and  just had my first litter last Christmas. We have gotten some amazing feedback from the new puppy families and I can’t wait to see what they do in the future.  

Personality: Mom got me after Max and Suvana went to college and I truly helped her get through the empty nest.   I am the calmest dog my mom has ever had and smart too!!! 

Training:  Mommy says I was the easiest dog to train and I am so calm that I like to lay around an relax.  I am wonderful with little kids and I plan to try to pass the Therapy Dog test like Koda did. I passed my CGC (canine good citizen) through the AKC and  have proven to have excellent manners in public settings. Mommy took me to basic agility classes and advanced agility classes and I was so smart that I learned all the obstacles in nothing flat.  The only thing is they kept telling me it was a race but here we go again.  I don’t like to be rushed so I would prefer to just take my time.

What I do for fun: I love to snuggle and I love to please.  I will do whatever you want but I might do it kinda slow LOL  Ya, I don’t like to get in a big hurry – why rush? 



Name Origin: My grandma is actually Sophie!! She was named after the movie Momma Mia, so as a tribute to her, my name became Mia. 

Breed: My mom was a Sophie/Koda puppy and is ¼ English Crème and ¾ American and my dad is full English Crème. That’s right Sophie and Koda are my grandparents and everyone is so excited to have me around because Sophie is now retired and I will take her place in regards to having some darker shades of golden.  Of course I will not be bred to Koda who is my grandfather and before I am 2 my mommy will find just the perfect mate for me. 

Puppy Expectation: I am the newest Sunkissed Retriever puppy and will not be having puppies until after I am 2 and have all my testing done. My mommy thinks I will be great at agility just like my grandma Sophie because I’m spunky and playful.   Right now I am working on my manners in public and get to go to work with mommy. I was easy to potty train and have met a lot of new friends at work.  

Personality: I have been super easy to train and I have a lot of sass.   I am a talker and will greet you at the door. I am super playful and will brighten your day with my kisses. 

Training:I have passed my STAR puppy class through the AKC and  am currently going to basic obedience classes in hopes to get my CGC (Canine Good Citizen) this spring.


What I do for fun: I love running around the yard with my friends and going to the office with mommy. Meeting new people is a joy for me and I love learning new tricks!





Name Origin: I was named after a character from one of Suvana and Mom's favorite movies to watch together, Momma Mia.

Experience: I am an American Golden Retriever so I am a darker shade. I was bred with a friends dog for my frist 2 litters and Kori was also an American Golden and we had some amzing litters together.  Kori had to move away with his family so that is when my mommy got Koda. I missed a few years of breeding and then Koda and I began our family.  My mommy gets compliments on our puppies all the time and we love to hear updates.   My last litter didn’t go so well as I was getting up in age and too much time was going between puppies so I had to have an emergency C-section.  During the surgery my mommy had me spayed  so I am officaiilly “retired” from having puppies. That was a great time in my life and I loved being a mom. I was the best mom ever keeping my puppies super clean and well cared for.  I loved it so much that whenever Elsa or Charlotte have puppies I am right there to help.  I am known as the Queen B and I am the “A” dog. I mean I was first  so that only makes sense. I am the boss!

Training Background: I am the original Sunkissed Retiever.  Max got me when I was just a puppy to show in 4H and my family just fell in love with me and the golden retriever breed. Max showed me for a couple years before he got busy with sports and school and passed me to Suvana to finish my training.  I did Obedience, Agility, Rally O, and showmanship. My strong point was agility and am a champion over and over. I was in the top 10 at the Kansas State Fair!  I also did great at obedience and RAllyO.   My parents were field trial champions so I am a more high energy dog and  needed a lot of training.  That high energy paid off in the agility ring though! 

What I do for fun: Now I am enjoying my time to just lay around and be lazy. I had so much fun back in the day going to dog shows and growing up with my kids.  They went to college and I am getting older but I still look forward to when they come home. No matter how tired I am when I hear my kids come home my tail is wagging 100 mph and I can barley contain my excitement.  I have a sugar face now and am just enjoying retirement and being a “dog”. 


Update: My granddaughter Mia, has recently joined us and if you are wanting any of my genes she is an up and coming  Sunkissed Retriever and will be having some wonderful puppies after she turns 2 and has all her testing done. 


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